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Quickturn Printed Circuit Board
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Door to Door delivery by UPS or FedEx.
Special Offer
Layers Q`ty
Lead time
 FR-4 0.062 inch Cu 1 oz finished
 Green S/M, White silk
2 4 12.5 50 7 days  Max sizes : 6 inch x 6 inch
4 4 25 100 7 days  Min. Via hole size : 12 mil
6 4 62.5 250 7 days  Min. trace/space : 4 mil/4mil
8 4 100 400 10 days  HASL(tin/lead) finished
10 4 175 700 10 days  100% E-test, No tooling charge
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Special Offer
Part No. Rev.
Layers 2 4 6 8 10
Panel size inch inch  mm mm
Please check here if board size and panel size are same.
Board size inch inch   mm mm
PCB thickness 0.032inch(0.80mm) 0.040inch(1.0mm)
0.047inch(1.20mm) 0.062inch(1.60mm)-standard
Array(Step&repeat) boards in panel
Quantity panels boards
Finished copper thickness Outer layers : 1 oz-standard 1.5 oz 2.5 oz
inner layers : 0.5 oz 1 oz-standard 2 oz
Material FR-4(standard) FR-4(high tg 170 )
Surface finish HASL(Tin/Lead) E.N.I.G(Au/Ni)
Solder mask(Color) Green(Two side)
Others( Black Blue Red White SM+Black Silk )
Silkscreen(color: white) One side Two side None
Min. drill sizes 8mil(0.20mm) 10mil(0.25mm)
12mil or more(0.30mm or more)
V-cut lines
Multiple boards in a design (Extra boards in a panel will be calculated and charged)
RoHS/Lead Free No Required Required

We accept the followings

Min. Circuit width/space :
      4 mil/4 mil (Cu 1 oz finished)
      6 mil/6 mil(Cu 1.5 oz finished)
      8 mil/8 mil(Cu 2.5 oz finished)
Min. drill size(before Cu platting)/Pad size
for via holes :
      0.20mm(drill size)/0.40mm(pad size)
      0.25mm(drill size)/0.45mm(pad size)
The space at array by tab routing
      0.080"(Min. 0.059")
Routing, individual, Tab, V-cut, Slots,
Internal routing, UL mark, week code
Stack-up for multilayers : by our standard
Using "Add to cart" you can save your
shipping cost
Min. Order Q'ty : 4 panels

 - No Tooling charge
 - Free E-test(100%)
 - Shipping cost calculated
 - High quality
If your designs are

Min. Circuit width/space/width :
- 3 mil/3.5 mil/3 mil
Custom Stack-up,
Impedance, Micro vias,
BVH, ENEPIG, Metal pcb,
Heavy copper, Rigid-flex,
Halogen free, gold fingers,
PCB Thickness-10mil, 12mil, 20mil,
95 mil and 126mil

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