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Gerber files
Gerber files should have the following files.

Top circuit layer
Top solder mask
Top silk screen(if necessary)
Inner layers(if more than 4 layers)
Bottom circuit layer
Bottom solder mask
Bottom silk screen(if necessary)
Outline file
NC drill file(Excellon format)
Fab drawing, Drill drawing & Array panel drawing(helpful if included)
Readme file(helpful if included)

Please zip all files at once and send them to us.
Before zip files, please check the followings and trace min. width/space, annular ring and inner layer clearance.

Min. trace width/space Standard Advanced
Min. Outer layer trace width/space 0.004"/0.004" 0.003"/0.003""
Min. Inner layer trace width/space 0.004"/0.004" 0.003"/0.003""
1 oz finished-width/space 0.004"/0.004" 0.003"/0.003""
1.5 oz finished-width/space 0.006"/0.006" 0.005"/0.005""
2.5 oz finished-width/space 0.008"/0.008" 0.007"/0.007""
Annular ring(Pad size-drill size)
Min. Annular ring for via holes 0.004" after pad size - drill size
Min. Annular ring for part holes 0.008" after pad size - drill size
Inner layer clearance
We need 0.010" clearance at inner layers at least.
Frequent Missing files
When you upload your gerber files, please check the followings. Sometimes customers are missing files frequently.
1. Aperture list
RS 274X format file is no problems. But in the case of RS 274D format please include "aperture list".
2. Drill file
Drill file for PTH, NPTH and(or) slot hole files should be included.
All sizes should be finished hole sizes.
3. Outline file
For routing programming we need the outline file. If it is separate file or within other files is O.K.
please check the min. space from outline to coppers is 8 mil.
4. Stack up file
If multilayer boards, we need layer order & stack up information.
We prefer our standard stack up. If not, there will be the extra cost.
5. Fab drawing with requirements
If there is a fab drawing file in the file, it is helpful to understand.
Maybe there are information for board thickness, layers, material, solder mask, silk screen, surface finish etc.
6. Array panel drawing
If you want to array boards in a panel, please provide array panel drawing. If not, it will be arrayed by our standard way.
7. Working panel sizes
Please click here.
8. Multiple boards in a panel
Please click here.
Please click here.
10. BVH board
Please click here.
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