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Design Rules 2-10 layers

    Circuit lines
Copper thickness
(before copper platting)
Circuit width Space Advanced
0.5 oz(0.018mm) 4 mil (0.10mm) 4 mil (0.10mm) 0.5pitch
1 oz (0.035mm) 6 mil (0.15mm) 6 mil (0.15mm) BGA 3mil(0.075mm)
2 oz (0.070mm) 8 mil (0.20mm) 8 mil (0.20mm)
Distance-NPTH :

    Annular ring
PTH(via holes) PTH(components holes) Recomendation at
outer layers & inner layers
 Min. 8mil(0.20mm) Min. 6mil( 0.15mm) Teardrop
Via size/pad size PTH size/pad size  
8mil(0.20mm) drill size/16mil(0.40mm)pad size 20mil(0.50mm drill size/
36mil(0.90mm)pad size
10mil(0.25mm drill size/20mil(0.50mm)pad size  

    Cross Hatch & Ground plane to outline
Cross Hatch Solid plane to outline
Min. 10mil(0.25mm) Min 12mil(0.30mm)

    Solder mask clearance
SM Clearance Mask to unexposed copper SM Dam SM Clearance for NPTH
Min. 2mil(0.05mm) Min. 2mil(0.05mm) Min. 4mil(0.10mm) Min. 8mil(0.20mm)

    Solder mask at Via holes
OPEN Tenting Wet to Wet Plugging
Copper exposed Solder mask 20% Solder mask 70% Soler mask 100%

Height Width/Space Letters to SMD
 Min. 32mil(0.80mm) Min. 5mil(0.127mm) Min. 2mil(0.05mm)

    Min. Via hole
Laminate thickness Min. Via size
0.062"(1.60mm) or less 8mil( 0.20mm)
0.095"(2.40mm) or less 16mil(0.40mm)
0.126"(3.20mm) or less 20mil(0.50mm)

    Min. Slot hole width size : 28mil(0.70mm)
OK : Slot hole length size >
slot hole width size x 2 + 8mil(0.20mm)
NG : Slot hole length size <
slot hole width size x 2 + 8mil(0.20mm)

    Internal routing
Internal Min. width   PCB thickness
  0.062"(1.60mm)                      Min. 40mil(1.00mm)
  0.080"-0.125"(2.0mm-2.20mm)  Min. 55mil(1.40mm)

    Corner Radius
  Min. Radius : R0.127"(0.50mm)

    V-cut 1
PCB thickness Dim after V-cut Tol.
25mil(0.60mm) 12mil(0.30mm) +-4mil(0.10mm)
32mil(0.80mm) 16mil(0.40mm) +-4mil(0.10mm)
40mil(1.00mm) 16mil(0.40mm) +-4mil(0.10mm)
48mil(1.20mm) 16mil(0.40mm) +-4mil(0.10mm)
62mil(1.60mm) 20mil(0.50mm) +-4mil(0.10mm)
80mil(2.00mm) 20mil(0.50mm) +-4mil(0.10mm)

    V-cut 2
Top/Bot Tol. Size Tol. Min. Space v-cut
center to Circuit
V-cut angle
  + - 8mil(0.20mm) Min. 20mil(Min. 0.50mm) 30 degrees

    V-cut 3
 Min. board size for V-cut
 Min. 2.75"(70mm)
 Max. board size for V-cut
 Max. 18.90"(480mm)
 Min. distance Outline to V-cut center
 Min. 120mil(3.00mm)

    Bevelling for gold fingers
Good shape for bevelling Not posssible for bevelling Bevelling angel
35-45 degrees
Bevelling depth

    Gold fingers
 Distance each side
 Min. 5.50"(140mm)
 Standard pin size
 Remove solder mask ink
 at gold fingers zone

    C-cut(half PTH cutting)
   C-cut Min. hole size by routing : Min. 24mil(0.60mm)

    Array distance in a panel
   Internal routing gap : 80mil(2.00mm)
   Rail bars : 315mil(8.00mm)-400mil(10.00mm)


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