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- Production Range

  Production runs from prototypes to midsize volume quantities. and large volume quantities.
  Double sided to Multilayer production
  Materials are FR-4(standard), FR-4(high tg 170 C (DSC)), Teflon, Polymid, etc
  PCB thickness : 0.017", 0.024", 0.032", 0.040", 0.048", 0.062", 0.080", 0.094", 0.125"
  Copper thickness : 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz etc
  Max Panel sizes : 18" x 24"
  Special Panel sizes : 18" x 36"
  RoHS/Lead free
  Surface Finish : HASL(Tin/Lead), E.N.I.G(Au/Ni) etc
  High Density boards, fine pitch board, small via hole boards etc
  LPI solder mask with the color of green, blue, yellow, red, white etc
  Impedance control boards
  Metal PCB
  Teflon PCB
  Heavy copper boards(more than 5 oz)
  Rigid-Flex PCB
- Production Lead Time
  Based on working days
Layers Prototype Quick Turn(Small to mid volume) Mass production
2 Layers 1-6 days 1-10 days 10-20 days
4 Layers 1-6 days 1-10 days 10-20 days
6 Layers 1-7 days 1-10 days 10-20 days
8 Layers 2-7 days 5-10 days 10-20 days
10 Layers 3-7 days 5-10 days 10-20 days
  By the production days, our prices are having different prices.
  You can calculate prices, order and pay at our on-line quote system if quantities are in our ranges of prototype & quick turn.
  If large quantities, please send us your inquiries by email.

  For the details for shipping days, please go to shipping days.

- Production Capacity
  2 layers -15,000 square meters per a month
  Multi layers -15,000 square meters per a month
  Total -30,000 square meters per a month
- Quality
   At each stage of production, we conduct inspections of all PCBs. All the boards are quality-controlled as following rules.

  Standard production PCB capability & quality is by IPC 6012 Class.2
  UL 94V-0 Flammability rating
  Outgoing Inspection : G-II A.Q.L 0.65%
  A.O.I inspection for inner layers and outer layers
  100% electrical test
  ISO 9002

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